eSmart Schools

eSmart Schools is an online behaviour change system which delivers tools and resources to help schools improve cybersafety and wellbeing.

Since its launch in June 2011, we have seen eSmart making a real difference in schools across all sectors and year levels, equipping them with the resources and knowledge to effectively create a school culture that embraces the positives of the ever-changing cyber-world.

eSmart is now in over 2,000 schools across Australia.

eSmart Libraries

eSmart Libraries is an online behaviour change system which delivers tools and resources to help libraries improve cybersafety and wellbeing. 

Launched in August 2012 by the former Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon. Julia Gillard MP, the $8 million, multi-year partnership with the Telstra Foundation is delivering eSmart Libraries in collaboration with Australia's library network to all of Australia's 1,500 public libraries.

eSmart Libraries now in a third of all public libraries in Australia. 

Top tips for being eSmart
  • 28.10.14 - You're invited to a NSW school cybersafety at The King's School

    Join Susan McLean, Australia’s foremost expert in cybersafety, Dr Justin ​Coulson, a positive psychology researcher and author, The Alannah and Madeline Foundation eSmart experts and leading NSW schools for an exciting and informative event on cybersafety trends and solutions.

    More Information: Click here.

  • 15.10.14 - October edition of the eSmart Schools newsletter

    The October edition of Becoming eSmart is out now. What's inside? Updates from the eSmart Schools team, an insight into what our eSmart Schools are up to, help for Domain 6, the latest technology, cybersafety news, research and more!

    More Information: Access the newsletter here.

  • 9.10.14 - Shepparton schools talk bullying and positive mental health

    As part of Mental Health Week, over 300 students and teachers from nine schools in the Goulburn Valley will join The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, Victoria Police and mental health organisations today to develop strategies to prevent bullying and cyberbullying and promote positive mental health.

    More Information: Read the media release.

  • 9.10.14 - eSmart in an extraordinary educational setting

    This week is Mental Health Week (5 - 10 October 2014), a week to raise community awareness about mental health issues. Travancore School, an eSmart School that provides educational support for students with a diagnosed mental health problem, tells us why teaching the smart, safe and responsible use of online technology is important for them.

    More Information: Continue reading.