eSmart Schools

eSmart Schools is an online behaviour change system which delivers tools and resources to help schools improve cybersafety and wellbeing.

Since its launch in June 2011, we have seen eSmart making a real difference in schools across all sectors and year levels, equipping them with the resources and knowledge to effectively create a school culture that embraces the positives of the ever-changing cyber-world.

eSmart is now in over 2,000 schools across Australia.

eSmart Libraries

eSmart Libraries is an online behaviour change system which delivers tools and resources to help libraries improve cybersafety and wellbeing. 

Launched in August 2012 by the former Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon. Julia Gillard MP, the $8 million, multi-year partnership with the Telstra Foundation is delivering eSmart Libraries in collaboration with Australia's library network to all of Australia's 1,500 public libraries.

eSmart Libraries now in a third of all public libraries in Australia. 

Top tips for being eSmart
  • 07.05.15 Queensland eSmart PD - Thursday 28 May

    Queensland school's are invited to attended an upcoming eSmart Professional Development event in Coomera, Queensland. Attendees will learn the latest in school cybersafety from top Australian cybersafety experts.

    More Information: Click here.

  • 29.04.15 The importance of a student-led approach to eSmart

    Our recent eSmart evaluation found that schools who utilise a student-led approach to eSmart, are most successful in truly embedding the Framework within their school.​ Apollo Parkways Primary, Yarraville West Primary and Maiden Gully Primary are three schools who have implemented some great student lead initiatives within their school community.

    More Information: Find out more.

  • MEDIA RELEASE: Melbourne eSmart Networking Event

    Rosie Thomas, Cofounder of youth-driven movement, PROJECT ROCKIT said they were excited to bridge the gap between teachers and the thousands of students they work with every day in their workshops. ​

    More Information: Read more.

  • 25.03.15 Yarraville West Primary School 'Bulldoze Bullies' ​​​

    Yarraville West Primary School pupils are making moves to stamp out bullying once and for all.​

    More Information: Read more.