eSmart Membership for Libraries

What is Membership?

eSmart Membership is the next step forward; it supports libraries to keep up the great work in promoting cyber safety awareness and educating online users in digital literacy across the whole community.

The annual eSmart Membership is available exclusively to public libraries that have completed the eSmart Framework and been accredited as an eSmart Library.

Joining eSmart Membership is fully funded by the Telstra Foundation until December 2019, and provides the tools and mechanism to further enhance digital literacy and support your community in building a safe, inclusive digital world.

What does an eSmart Library look like?

1. Policies and procedures are current and looked upon as best practice

2. All staff are knowledgeable in cyber safety measures 

3. Families and independent users feel safe using digital technology

4. The Library and children are well supported 

5. Staff have widely embraced the eSmart concept and model it inside and outside the Library

Benefits of Membership

Keeping you current
• Newsletters with the latest news about cyber safety practices
• Exclusive new best practice resources
• A 6-point action Checklist developed by experts at the Alannah & Madeline Foundation

Keeping you informed
• Access to training modules and recorded webinars for staff professional development
• Research and insights from industry experts

Keeping you supported
• Ongoing one-to-one eSmart support when you need it
• Continued easy access to the eSmart platform

Keeping you connected
• Online forum to e-meet other eSmart Library teams
• Engage anytime and share innovative ideas

How do I get Membership?

If you are aware that you are eligble for eSmart Libraries Membership, log in to your system tool to access.

If you are unsure of where you are in your eSmart journey or if you are eligible, contact us now to find out.

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