eSmart Resources and Collateral Top-up

General Information

ACMA: The ACMA regulates online content and provides information about safe use of the internet and mobile phones. Spam can be reported to the Spam Intelligence Database

Office of the eSafety Commissioner: The Office is committed to helping young people have safe, positive experiences online and provides online safety education for Australian children and young people, a complaints service for young Australians who experience serious cyberbullying, and address illegal online content through the Online Content Scheme

eSmart: Cyber and digital literacy resources to support community learning and 1:1 guidance

ACORN: The Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network is the official government site for adults to report cybercrime incidents which may be in breach of Australian law. Factsheets and posters are available for download

Australian Psychological Society (APS):
8 Tips for a healthy digital life
Why our screens make us less happy (watch)

Is Social Media good for you?

The digital lives of Australians (latest statistics)

Telstra: The  Smartphone Safety Hub provides information to parents to support their decision making around the trend of gifting mobile phones to younger family members at Christmas

CALD Community Resources

Telstra Tech Savvy Seniors: Multi language Tipsheets
Monash Library Service: Chinese online safety recommendations
ThinkUKnow: Multi Language factsheets

Youth Oriented

eSafety Posters
Managing the right amount of screen time for young people
Social Media tips for correct usage
eSafety health check
Keeping an eye on screen time

ThinkUKnow have just launched brand new cyber safety tip sheets this month on managing Reputation, Twitter, Facebook plus a Family Online Safety Contract to introduce at home:
Managing Reputation
Youth Cyber Safety
Parents Facebook Factsheet
Social Media Reputation Management
Family Online Safety Contract

Digizen - especially for School Community libraries
The new Digizen website provides relevant information to educators, parents, carers and young people
This 8-minute video hits the message home to all young people about being responsible for their online privacy and digital reputation

Student Digital Technologies: games, videos, activities and tools.

Australian Psychological Society (APS): Top Tips for Teens

Latest and Greatest

Top Five Tips: launched during National eSmart Week 2017

Cyber Safety Books list

This poster was created by Adelaide Plains Council Library Service, SA and complimented a new book display themed around cyber safety


Firm Favourites 

Open Colleges: An interactive Guide to Staying Safe on the Internet

Telstra Tip Sheets: Safety, Parenting, Kids and Teens, Safe Connections

Go Digi: easy to read guides for individuals and communities

Stay Smart Online: My Guide: Protect Yourself in 8 Steps


Telstra Tech Savvy Seniors: a wide range of short learning modules

Be Connected: digital learning designed for seniors with easy access to a well-stocked topic library

Cyber Safety Videos

Especially for Teacher Librarians: Netsafe short videos for class discussions by Planet Nutshell:

eSafety Commissioner: a comprehensive set of short cyber safety and digital literacy videos for all ages


Strong choices’ by B2M - Tiwi Islands video developed for indigenous communities in NT

4x short animations - (view keyboard friendly version with captions)

Office of the eSafety Commissioner: ‘Be Deadly Online’, educational resources

Office of the eSafety Commissioner: `Be Deadly Online` short videos and posters

Office of the eSafety Commissioner:

CyberSmart ACMA Posters

‘On Line – On Show’
‘Bullying Online- Shame Longtime’
‘Online Business’
‘Be Deadly Online’

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