eSmart Schools Framework

The eSmart system guides the whole school community through a process of developing and implementing change. 

The eSmart Framework is organised into six domains:

  1.  Effective school organisation
  2.  School plans, policies and procedures
  3.  A respectful and caring school community
  4.  Effective teacher practices
  5.  An eSmart curriculum
  6. Partnerships with parents and local communities
eSmartSchool wheel

About the domains

Each of the six domains covers one key aspect of becoming an eSmart school. They aren't meant to be linear: schools may choose to start by focusing on the fifth domain, then cover the second, then move back to the sixth, or any other combination.

This approach has been taken because we wanted our framework to be flexible enough to accommodate the different needs or priorities that different schools have at different times.

No one domain is more important than the other - but when all six are taken together, they represent a holistic approach that is capable of transforming the way that schools work with, offer, teach and think about technology.

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