For students

Five apps to help you study better
This article details handy apps that reward you for time spent off your phone, track and improve your sleep health, and challenge you to short physical exercise. 

How to handle fear about the future: A guide for year 12 students
This informative guide covers such as topics as: handling fear about the future, making plans for different possible scenarios, having tactics to cheer yourself up, and taking control of your own space. 

Five steps to talking to someone you trust
This article looks at how to choose someone to talk to, deciding in advance what to say, why you need to find the right time to talk, and explaining how you’re feeling.

A guide to dealing with constant change due to COVID-19
This guide looks at identifying your fears, and details constructive steps to take in conquering them, such as committing to mini tasks to build self-efficacy, identifying things you’re grateful for, and getting support to help shift negative thought patterns. 

Tips for getting and staying motivated
This article looks at steps to keep you motivated such as 
setting goals, finding goals that interest you even within tasks that don’t, plotting your progress and connecting with others.

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