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It's the last day National eSmart Week!

Today's theme is: Smart, Safe and Responsible communities
As National eSmart Week draws to a close today, we continue to highlight the many champions of digital change throughout Australia: in schools, libraries, organisations and the wider community in metropolitan, regional and rural areas.
Thank you to the Telstra Foundation for your continued partnership and the amazing support provided during National eSmart Week.
We would like to especially thank you for playing your part, for inspiring others to learn to stay smart, safe and responsible whilst being online.
Many organisations are continuing to post on social media using #eSmartWeek and have sent in photos of their activities. Let us know how you took part by sending a recap of your activity to:

Don’t forget to send us your social campaign success story to go in the running to win the Telstra Maker Party in a Box competition worth $5000! A number of people are already in it to win it! Entries close on Friday 29th September, click here to enter.
We’ll be announcing the winning entry in October, so keep your eyes peeled.


Toolkit Activity:

An innovative way to engage children and teens in cyber safety is to ask them to find out the story in their patch. They become the journalist and ask peers or classrooms to fill out a digital skills survey. A great way to start the conversation, once the data has been collected, they can see where there are highly skilled mentors and where there may be some gaps in skills to fill.

New Activity:

Brainstorm a range of online safety tips to add into the brainstorm map. Then choose your favourite one and send it to a friend in any of the following ways:

  • Tweet
  • Facebook message
  • SMS
  • Card
Brainstorm map

Online message card

Digital Release

Office of the eSafety Commissioner

Keeping up with the multitude of social media apps can be confusing and time consuming. But not anymore. For quick guidance on nearly 60 of the most popular apps, take a look at the information provided by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

Games, Apps and Social Networking


Navigating the online world of social media can be overwhelming. Twitter is committed to helping keep communities safe online, which is why they are continually improving their privacy and conduct policies and procedures. Check out their latest improvements and how-to's below:

They've also developed an in-depth guide to safety and privacy on their platform. In this comprehensive guide they explain things like 'How to be private while being social', 'keeping your account secure' 'How does Twitter define harassment' and much more. 

Twitter Safety & Privacy


Join the Alannah & Madeline Foundation’s eSmart managers for sensational examples of schools, libraries and communities building cyber safe communities.

Webinar Details:

"eSmart Communities" 
with Judi Fallon and Jo Whitford
Presented at 10:00 AM AEST

Suitable for: all


Featured Partner


Family Zone Extended Offer – Not 1 but 2 months free trial!

During National eSmart Week, anyone who registers for Family Zone will receive 60 days of free cyber expert settings, with custom settings, updates and support from leading cyber safety experts – featuring our very own Alannah & Madeline Foundation cyber expertise.

You will also receive a Family Zone Plan that lets you manage screen time and internet access on up to three children. It usually costs $4.95/ month.

Or you can try the ultimate solution - the world leading Family Zone Box. 

What is Family Zone? 

Family Zone brings together cyber experts, organisations and technologies into one easy-to-use system.
The Family Zone box protects every connected device in the home and the Family Zone app extends cyber safety protection outside the home. Family Zone has teamed up with cyber experts, including Alannah and Madeline Foundation, providing specialist advice on the latest apps, sites and trends plus custom designed age‑appropriate settings.


Check out these helpful Family Zone videos:

Balancing screen time over school holidays

Valentines Day - not all roses and chocolates

Digital detox this New Year


Check out these helpful Family Zone blogs:

The impact of pornography on teenagers

Aussie Teens are sleep deprived due to devices

5 apps and websites every parent of a teen needs to know

3 sneaky tricks teens are using to keep secrets online

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