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It's day three of National eSmart Week!

Today's theme isResponsible Use of Technology
We can all be safe online if we take enough care, we can be smart if we keep up with all the new apps and programs, but being responsible requires respect for ourselves and others. Today’s webinar focuses on these respectful behaviours – on and offline.


Toolkit Activity:

Tagged photos, social networking interactions and blog posts shape perceptions online. It is important that digital citizens think about the footprint they are leaving online in order to maintain a positive digital reputation.
Have a discussion or offer information on how to manage your digital reputation. You can utilise the Office of the eSafety Commissioner’s website to help you facilitate activities -
You might also like to use/create a simple checklist to help manage and maintain your online reputation.

Online Reputation Checklist

New Activity:

Using the ideas you have discussed and read about, create a digital footprint trail in your setting that includes a short message on how to leave a positive digital reputation.

Digital Footprint printout

Digital Release

Are you dealing with regular spam or phishing emails? Do you know which the best apps are?  Do you know how to protect yourself online?
The latest information outlines app guides and how to deal with the Pokemon Go craze amongst many other tidbits.

ACMA - Staying Safe Online


Join the Alannah & Madeline Foundation’s Amy Williams for a webinar targeted at carers, teachers and librarians who have primary age children in their charge.
Respectful communication has always been taught and expected within communities, whether it be in the classroom, libraries or in everyday dealings. However, with online communication being more prominent, respectful communication is not always in practice.
This webinar explores the basics of respect and communication and how we can teach the importance of positive communication when online to help avoid cyber bullying situations. There are four open-ended activities that are offered - links found below.

1. X Chart: Respect
2. PMI Communicating Online
3. Online Communication
4. Compare & Contrast Model: Communicating Online Vs Offline

Webinar Details:
"Respectful Communication: online and offline"

with Digital Licence Advisor, Amy Williams
Presented at 10:00 AM AEST

Targeted at: carers, teachers and librarians who have primary age children in their charge


Featured Partner


Child Psychologist and National Centre Against Bullying member, Michael Carr-Gregg discusses what simple steps to take if your child is being cyber bullied and how schools may tackle this issue, such as recording and responding in a matter of days.

Check out the video!

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