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Schools find that having a supportive and connected school environment brings about a positive and safe school culture, both online and offline.  

This year eSmart has developed live workshops for teachers that provide insights from other schools as well as expertise and guidance from the eSmart team of advisors who work with schools every day.   These have been popular in Term 1 so we’ve developed another range of events for teachers, leadership and parents.

All our workshops and learning sessions are free and offered as an investment into encouraging responsible online and offline behaviour, student wellbeing and bringing about whole-school connectness  

These workshops address a range of topics including: Using eSmart’s tools and Resources; How eSmart supports wellbeing in your school: Media Literacy as social justice; Parenting in the digital world; Risk and response to bullying and cyber bullying in schools.

Specialist sessions are open to parents and can be promoted in your school newsletter. 

Register your school and promote the webinar link in your school communications to get your staff team and parent community involved. 

Get started by choosing a program and click through to the sessions via Try Booking. Book your place at one or more of the live sessions, add colleagues to the booking. You will receive your confirmation and a link to the webinar in the next few minutes. If you do not received it please contact eSmart Helpdesk: [email protected]

We extend a warm welcome to schools around Australia and look forward to meeting you.

Book your event by clicking the event name in the listing below. 

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