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What is your child's real experience at school?

Children today are growing up in a world with experiences that are very different to when we were young. The internet has made their world so much bigger, and their friendships are just as likely to be online as in the park or school. But the online world brings its own hazards.

“It turned out that the school computers were being used by a group of girls to send really negative messages to one of their fellow students. This poor girl was so distressed by the behaviour that she began to self harm. Honestly, an eSmart School would have picked this up sooner and prevented the distress she’s now feeling.”
Amy Williams, Education Officer, Alannah & Madeline Foundation

Why every school should be eSmart

eSmart helps teachers to best manage bullying, cyber bullying and cyber risks so students feel safer and supported at school.

It is not a band-aid or a quick fix, and based on documented evidence, it was created to address those issues – and to help schools meet their duty of care.  eSmart is a long-term change program designed to educate, track, monitor and prevent bullying and cyber bullying.

It helps schools to embrace the benefits of technology while reducing students’ exposure to cyber risks, such as cyber bullying, online sexual predation, sexting, identity theft and fraud.

The eSmart process

eSmart firstly works to review the school’s current practices to find technology, procedure and cyber safety gaps.

Schools are then guided through a series of activities – both on and offline – and once complete, achieve eSmart Status.

The eSmart Framework covers six areas: effective school organisation; school plans; policies and procedures; a respectful and caring school community; effective teacher practices; an eSmart curriculum; and partnerships with parents and local communities.

Almost one third of Australian schools are currently applying eSmart, with great success. Is your child’s school eSmart?

How else can you help?

Send an email to your Premier or Education Minister, urging them to fund eSmart in your child’s school. Click here for a message template.

Help protect your child from risky behaviours and inappropriate content by getting their eSmart Digital Licence. Click here for more information.

Donate to our programs that help keep children safe from violence.

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