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Interview with Cynthia Price and Amy Heap of Riverina Regional Library

Riverina Regional Library

Where are you at in your eSmart Libraries journey?

We are a little over half way through. We aren’t tackling it in a linear fashion, all the planning first then the implementing, but working on the domains that fit with other things we are doing.

What have been the most challenging aspects of your eSmart Libraries journey so far?

The biggest challenge for us is that we are working with nineteen branches across thirteen local government areas.   When each council has different policies on areas outside of our sphere of influence, such as human resources, it can make the journey a bit convoluted!

How does eSmart Libraries fit in with the day-to-day processes already in place at your library?

eSmart Libraries has been great for making us aware of cybersafety in everything that we do. We already had many cybersafety measures in place, but the program has enabled us to be more strategic and to take every opportunity to promote safe and responsible use of technology.

What advice did you provide to the community on how to manage cybersafety prior to implementing eSmart?

We had some printed material, a page on our website and often mentioned cybersafety in technology related programs, but it was quite ad hoc.

Do you feel eSmart will benefit members of the community who do not have access to digital technologies at home?

Being in a regional area where connectivity can be a real problem, we already provide the only access to digital technologies for many people.

Libraries are safe places for community members and it is great to be able to extend that safety far beyond the walls of our library buildings.

What do you believe are or will be the benefits of implementing eSmart Libraries?

There are significant benefits for staff and the community. It is really valuable to know that we will have systematically addressed cybersafety issues across all areas of our organisation, and to know that we can empower the community to engage fully with all that digital technologies have to offer in a safe and responsible way.

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