eSmart Professional Development

As promised, eSmart is continuing its FREE eSmart Professional Development webinars for teachers in Term 2, which are offered to all eSmart registered schools across Australia, currently working through the eSmart framework.   

The 30-minute webinars titled Exploring the eSmart Domains focus on giving eSmart coordinators an in-depth understanding of

Domains 4, 5 and 6 and the individual Targets in them.  

The aim of these webinars are:

  • to explain the requirements of the 'targets' in each domain
  • guide you through live chat towards implementing the eSmart Domains in your school
  • progress your journey towards eSmart status.  

Simply login to eSmart and Register Now!

Enter your login details, select the Training tab to look up these Professional Development events and register.

Please note that in the Training tab there may be other teacher, Connect and Media Literacy Lab sessions you’d like to register staff and parents for.

If you need new login details or have any further questions about these webinars please email our support team at [email protected] or contact them on 1300 592 151.

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