Five tips from Bellbridge Primary School for Checklist Item 3: Update Policies

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Bellbridge Primary School have adopted some fantastic practices as part of their work to achieve eSmart status.

While there are many things your school can do, these handy practices could be just the inspiration you need to create Acceptable User Agreements within your school.

Ensuring students from Foundation to Grade 6 complete the relevant Acceptable Use Agreement each year – each year the school ensures that all students and their guardians complete the relevant Acceptable User Agreement.

  1. Celebrating days of note – this year Bellbridge Primary participated in Safer Internet Day, Harmony Day and National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. The schools is also preparing for R U OK Day and National eSmart Week.
  2. Forming an eSmart committee – the school’s school captains (six Grade 6 students) have formed an eSmart committee, meeting fortnightly with myself and the coordinator of student leaders. They have worked through the annual eSmart Membership checklist and identified actions for this year to strengthen the school’s existing practices.
  3. Participating in cyber safety webinars – Grade 4-6 students have been taking part in regular cyber safety webinars, including virtual classrooms from eSafety.
  4. Regularly communicate with the school community – the school ensures that the entire school community are familiar with all upcoming initiatives via the school newsletter and Facebook page.

Do you have eSmart tips you’d like to share with us? Get in touch so we can highlight the great work that you’re doing.

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