One year on: 177,000 students are safer online thanks to the Digital Licence

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Celebrating the one year anniversary of the eSmart Digital Licence, we are pleased to see over 177,000 children have signed up to take the challenge and are well on their way to being smart, safe and responsible online.

Endorsed by The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner, the Digital Licence develops critical skills in flexible environments from school and home learning settings. Teachers and parents are referring to it as the most comprehensive educational tool for online safety and children give it the ‘thumbs up’ for fun and interaction. New videos, content and educational resources have been added to the website for greater parent and teacher support.

I adore it. I don’t know every product that’s out there, but the Digital Licence is the first one that’s been memorable. It has the right balance of serious and game. Dr Justin Coulson – Parenting Expert

Target, Telstra and Google Australia supported the Digital Licence heading back to school in 2016. Target tailored a back to school offer exclusive for their customers, while Telstra integrated the Digital Licence with their new Education Bundle initiative. Google continued their support with free licences for all Grade 6 students in term one.

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