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A suite of innovative programs are offered as part of eSmart, which bring about long-term cultural and behavioural changes amongst individuals and communities. 

The programs help build supportive and connected social environments that reduce anti-social behaviour such as bullying and cyber bullying. By increasing positive and respectful behaviours, they nurture confident students and engaged school communities. The eSmart suite not only includes eSmart Schools, but also provides other eSmart programs such as the new eSmart Media Literacy Lab, eSmart Digital Licence, and eSmart Connect workshops and presentations.

Schools can speak to an eSmart Advisor to discover how to implement these programs and help build a safer environment for students, teachers and families.

Phone the eSmart helpdesk on 1300 592 151 or email the team for further advice including state government funding currently available to schools.

For Victorian Catholic, independent and government schools, this full suite is funded by the state government.

What schools are saying:

St Michael’s Grammar School in St Kilda reported that eSmart tools helped keep its values of respect, care and compassion at the heart of all of its decision-making processes and ensured “everyone [was considered] fairly within the school community”.

Bayswater Primary School’s high priority is to ensure its students are prepared for life as respectful and safe digital natives.

“Our school prides itself on establishing and nurturing positive and purposeful parent relationships, so the eSmart program provided a structure to facilitate communications around e-safety”.

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