What is eSmart?

What is eSmart?

eSmart, an initiative of the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, helps schools maintain a supportive and connected community to reduce online and offline bullying, and increase wellbeing.

eSmart is an evidence based, culture-change approach that strengthens the foundations of positive and inclusive connectedness within the school community.

eSmart enables schools to implement best practice into policies and procedure, student wellbeing, bullying reduction and online safety knowledge across the whole school.

It supports schools to review and improve operational systems, practices and knowledge-base across the whole school community. By implementing change through the eSmart suite of programs, schools can improve student wellbeing, encourage positive use of technology and decision-making, while reducing bullying, cyber bullying and anti-social behaviour.

Our eSmart offering includes a range of programs and products, as detailed below.

eSmart Schools

A road map to help schools evaluate their systems, policies and practices in online safety and wellbeing, while building stronger supportive partnerships across the school community. Learn more here

eSmart Membership

eSmart Membership encourages further implementation of best practice and good governance as a school and as individuals. It continues to support schools in their efforts to reduce bullying and cyber bullying. Learn more here

eSmart Libraries

A specialist framework to help libraries integrate cyber safety in its policies, agreements, staff development, organisational culture, training and day to day operations. Learn more here

eSmart Connect

A series of workshops for parents, teachers and students on topics including online safety, cyber bullying and respectful behaviour. Learn more here

eSmart Digital Licence+

Digital Licence+ is an innovative, online learning experience that helps build digital intelligence in students aged 10-14 years, giving them the knowledge and skills they need to harness the opportunities, as well as deal with the challenges of the digital world. Learn more here

eSmart Media Literacy Lab

An innovative education resource designed to increase essential media literacy knowledge and skills – including how to identify and counter misinformation – of young people aged 12-16 years. Learn more here.

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