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What is eSmart?

Our goal is to keep children safe from bullying, cyber bullying and violence.

While the internet is great for learning and socialising, at the Alannah & Madeline Foundation we hear stories every day about its pitfalls. These range from children being exposed to inappropriate content, fraud and scams, and being bullied – which can and does contribute to anxiety, depression and in extreme cases, suicide. Yes, that’s the extreme outcome, but tragically, it’s also reality. And it probably happens more often than you think.

As a nation, we should all be working to ensure we invest time and resources into raising a generation of smart, safe and responsible children who are capable and compassionate – both on and offline.

Our goal is to keep children safe from bullying, cyber bullying and violence.

eSmart is a way to achieve this.

Our Reach

Our eSmart Programs are helping communities teach the smart, safe and responsible use of online technology.

  • AMF_Icongraphy_White_AMF_OurPrograms2.png Over 2,200 schools Are implementing the eSmart Schools framework to help their school manage online safety.
  • AMF_Icongraphy_White_eSmart_50%AustralianLibraries2.png More than 80% of libraries Are teaching their community to be safe online.
  • AMF_Icongraphy_White_eSmart_150,000AustralianStudents2.png Over 200,000 students Have registered for the eSmart Digital Licence. An online resource teaching smart online behaviour.

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Latest News


Congratulations Noosa Library Service

Noosa Library Services achieves eSmart status.

08 June 2016

The top 4 most recognisable scams

It’s Scam Awareness Week, and as we work to keep the community safe online through our eSmart programs, it made us wonder - where did this all start and how do these scammers keep biting us?

25 May 2018

'Using social media responsibly' by Kerang South Primary School

Students from Grade 4 and 5 at eSmart School Kerang South Primary in Victoria, have come together to create this fantastic video about cybersafety and using social media responsibly.

04 May 2016

Every library in ACT is safer online with eSmart accreditation

All nine library branches in the Australian Capital Territory are safer, smarter and more responsible after achieving eSmart status.

28 April 2016

Wanneroo leads the way in WA

In WA, Wanneroo Libraries is the state’s first library service to achieve eSmart status.

12 April 2016

One year on: 177,000 students are safer online thanks to the Digital Licence

Celebrating the one year anniversary of the eSmart Digital Licence, we are pleased to see over 177,000 children have signed up to take the challenge and are well on their way to being smart, safe and responsible online.

04 March 2016

Tickets on sale now: National Centre Against Bullying Conference

Tickets are now on sale to the 7th National Centre Against Bullying Conference, to be held on the 28-29 July in Melbourne.

05 May 2016

Case Study - Riverina Regional Library

Riverina Regional Library share their experience with the eSmart Libraries Framework.

08 June 2016


eSmart Schools was launched with the support of the State Government of Victoria.

eSmart Libraries is supported by the Telstra Foundation.

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