eSmart Libraries

eSmart Libraries is in 75% of public libraries across the country. eSmart Libraries is a free purpose-built system designed to equip libraries and connect library users with the skills they need for smart, safe and responsible use of technology.

What is eSmart Libraries What is eSmart Libraries

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation and the Telstra Foundation formed a partnership in 2012 to develop and implement eSmart Libraries.

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Why your Library needs eSmart Why your Library needs eSmart

Libraries are the knowledge centres at the forefront of providing access and assistance to the community.

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Benefits of eSmart Libraries Benefits of eSmart Libraries

Providing skills and resources for the library community to confidently manage cyber-issues and continue to embrace the positive aspects of online activity.

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eSmart Libraries preview eSmart Libraries preview

eSmart Libraries includes a framework of actions to complete over time, provides access to an online system tool to review actions and track progress.

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Achieving eSmart Library status Achieving eSmart Library status

Once a library has completed all the necessary components of the eSmart Libraries journey, they will be formally acknowledged as an eSmart library - just like Greater Dandenong Libraries (pictured).

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Cyber and Digital Literacy Resources Cyber and Digital Literacy Resources

A list of best practice resources, quizzes, and information as curated by eSmart Libraries.

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Testimonials and supporters Testimonials and supporters

“Implementing eSmart has enabled us to use the framework to embed enhanced and more developed policies and processes into the everyday operation of our libraries." - Jane Baker

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Case Studies Case Studies

"We are getting more confident with helping our customers with internet and computer based issues, and we are supplying more educational information for them" - Jessica Tucker, eSmart Coordinator at Mt Gambier Libraries in South Australia.

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Register your Library Register your Library

All you need is the contact details of who will coordinate eSmart Libraries for your library service and have the right person ready to sign our standard agreement.

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Contact eSmart Libraries Contact eSmart Libraries

Speak to one of our eSmart Libraries support team for more information.

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Libraries participating in eSmart Libraries participating in eSmart

Over the last five years eSmart Libraries registrations have reached 65% of all public libraries in Australia. Find out which libraries are participating.

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Supported by the Telstra Foundation

eSmart Libraries is supported by an $8 million, multi-year partnership with the Telstra Foundation. Together we are delivering eSmart Libraries in collaboration with Australia's library network to all of Australia's 1,500 public libraries for free.

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