Achieving eSmart Library status

The eSmart Libraries journey is adaptable and flexible to reflect a variety of library locations, skills level, resourcing availability and level of cybersafety awareness in the library service. The journey requires the library to assess any gaps and then update any policies, procedures or training needs.

The stages


  • Register online… it’s free!
  • ​Nominate the eSmart Coordinator who will track the progress of the library service.

Stage 1 - Planning:

  • Use the online tool to review the the areas/ domains
  • ​Identify steps you have already taken and any gaps in your current practice
  • Set up an eSmart Working Group to help complete actions
  • Participate in training
  • The planning stage asks you to collate and review your current practices and the abilities of your staff and users
  • Track your progress by clicking ‘complete’ for each action area in the planning stage.

Stage 2 - Implementing:

  • The implementing stage requires you to renew, review or create all the important documents, plans or activities to become eSmart
  • Use tools and best practice library examples identified in the resources, accessible through the system tool
  • Read and use the monthly newsletters and journey helpers and share case studies with other libraries.​

eSmart status achieved:  

Once you have confirmed completion of the implementing stage, you will reach eSmart Libraries status, be formally acknowledged as an eSmart Library, and be sent an eSmart Libraries sign to display.

Stage 3 - Sustaining:

  • The sustaining stage provides actions to retain your eSmart status. These are focussed on evaluating impact, consistently reviewing your practices and sharing success. Just like a continuous improvement model.

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