eSmart Membership

eSmart Membership is the natural progression for schools and libraries that have reached eSmart Status.

Building on everything you have learned and done to become eSmart, Membership will keep your knowledge up to date, ensuring you are at the forefront of cyber safe thinking.  

With additional checklists, benefits and ongoing support from the eSmart Team, Membership will keep your community smart, safe and responsible.

Click on the relevant picture below to find out more about eSmart Membership for your school or library.

eSmart Membership for Libraries eSmart Membership for Libraries

eSmart Membership is the next step forward; it supports libraries to keep up the great work in promoting cyber safety awareness and educating online users in digital literacy across the whole community.

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eSmart Membership for Schools eSmart Membership for Schools

eSmart Membership for Schools keeps you up-to-date with the latest developments in online safety, access the newest resources and continue to receive the guidance and support from our team of experts.

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