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eSmart Membership for Schools

Stay at the forefront of cyber safe thinking

Join eSmart Membership and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in online safety, access the newest resources and continue to receive the guidance and support from our team of experts.

Membership provides your school and its community with:

12 months of access to the Members area on the online portal

A dedicated eSmart online Community of Practice

Access to an ever-growing library of Resources

Ongoing personalised support from a dedicated eSmart Advisor

Attendance at an eSmart Professional Learning event for two people from your school

Discounts on our other eSmart products, such as Connect workshops

A Membership newsletter every term

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Why do we need membership?

Having done the hard work and become an accredited eSmart School, annual membership to eSmart provides an ongoing guide to review your school’s policies and procedures and actively maintain, enrich and enhance eSmart in your school.

Membership supports your school in:

Maintaining relevance through access to exclusive resources and professional learning events

Navigating an everchanging online environment

Preparing for and effectively responding to on and offline challenges

Continuing an eSmart focus through a whole school approach.

Focus areas

Membership enables your school to continually improve your eSmart practices by focusing on six focus areas.

These key areas have been identified as a result of consultation with Australian schools to ensure we are providing the most relevant and beneficial support.

The current six focus areas:

Community of practice

Collecting and using data

Student voice

Organisational and professional development

Employing best practice in policies and procedures

Protecting and restoring relationships.


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For $295 per annum (+GST)

Funding is available for eligible schools.

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