eSmart Schools

eSmart Schools is a behaviour-change initiative in over 2,200 schools across Australia. The eSmart Schools Framework is designed to help schools improve cyber safety and reduce cyber bullying and bullying.

What is eSmart Schools? What is eSmart Schools?

eSmart provides schools with management tools to deal with bullying and cyber issues and incidents so that students feel safer and more supported at school.

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Pricing Pricing

How much does eSmart Schools cost?

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Newsletters Newsletters

eSmart Schools newsletters highlight the latest in cyber safety and resources for schools.

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Testimonials Testimonials

What schools are saying about eSmart.

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Contact us Contact us

Contact us for more information and support for eSmart Schools.

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eSmart stories eSmart stories

A collection of stories from schools across Australia who are working to embed eSmart practices into their school community

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