For teachers

Teachers’ guide to working alone online with children
This guide includes information on clear documentation and authorisation; recording key information; staff training in child safety and reporting appropriate platforms, and risk assessment.

How buddies can help us get back to school
This guide looks at how buddy programs can help students build the social connectedness and confidence they need after a period of uncertainty.

'Morning meeting'

This includes tips for running an interactive session with your students online; deepening relationships; checking how everyone is going; and getting motivated. 

Student photographers capture history during the pandemic
This video about students' photography of COVID-19 includes amazing photos that you can use as a way of deepening engagement with students not keen on written or verbal communication.

Tips for creating a warmer, friendlier online classroom
This article covers: making your own image onscreen look personalised and welcoming; not relying too much on slides or videos; sharing encouraging messaging; giving students different ways to show how they are doing; and the importance of yourself and reduce your own anxiety.

Key learnings from the first period of remote teaching
This article looks at recognising huge differences in students' tech access; realising students can't be expected to all do the same thing; and the importance of pushing back against expectations of perfection and 24/7 availability.

Thought-provoking infographics

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