Towards an eSmart Australia…

"When the history of cyber safety in Australian schools is written, there will be a chapter devoted to eSmart. Not only does it meet the needs of educators, it provides students with the skills and knowledge to use the internet in a smart, safe and responsible way."

- Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Child and Adolescent Psychologist

…what our schools are saying

"The eSmart program enables families to participate in meaningful dialogue around their device usage, ensuring that lines of communication remain open. It was deemed a priority to educate students, staff and families in ways to become eSmart community members and protect their privacy and to identify, address and prevent cyber bullying.

"Bayswater Primary School is extremely honoured and proud to be an eSmart School and hope to spread the eSmart message to the wider community."
– Alec Baroni, Technologies Coordinator, Bayswater Primary School, VIC

“We are very happy with the process and so proud that we have achieved this status this year.”
– Bridgette Huddlestone, Moonah Primary School, Tas

"The David Scott School journey to achieving an eSmart status has been very positive. The journey provided the school with an opportunity to reflect on our current practices and improve where we might have been lacking."
– Catherine Arnold, Principal, David Scott School, Frankston, VIC

"The eSmart framework has allowed us to integrate the education of curriculum into our existing school rules and values [and] ensure sustainable change across the structure of school. Whilst we have had to create new policies particularly in the domain of technology, the framework has ensured that we are catering for members of our school community in a rigorous way and that everyone understands the expectations and roles in this regard."
– Anthony Speranza, ICT Learning & Teaching Leader, St. Mark’s Primary School, Dingley, VIC

"We truly appreciate the wealth of eSmart resources available to support us in raising kind, compassionate & resilient children."
– Zeina Chalich, Leader of Learning Technologies, Santa Sabina College, NSW

"The biggest value of the eSmart framework is that it has resulted in the whole staff has taken ownership of cyber safety and cyber bullying and that it has re-confirmed the important connection and responsibility schools have to communicate and educate parents."
– Paula McGlade, Digital Technology Coordinator, Spreyton Primary School, Tas

"The world of technology is vast and can be darn right scary for many teachers and parents. But we all have to agree that the benefits of smart and responsible technology use, far outweighs the dangers. In becoming an accredited eSmart School, SPJE Primary has worked hard to ensure we have the correct documentation and processes in place, so that our parents and teachers feel comfortable navigating this largely unexplored space hand-in-hand with our students."
– Matt Handley, eLearning Leader and Classroom Teacher, St Peter Julian Eymard Primary School, Mooroolbark, VIC

"We’re always looking to be proactive about what we can offer and what access the students have to a variety of technologies. We feel really comfortable in how eSmart and its digital resources supports us."
– Katie Heard, Digital Technologies Coordinator, Snug Primary School, Tas

"The eSmart framework has had a huge impact on our school. By having this framework it has ensured that we update and create new policies where applicable. We now have regular cyber safety sessions each term that classroom teachers run based on the scope and sequence provided by eSmart."
– Lisa De Giusti, Classroom Teacher and Certified Google Trainer, Epping Primary School, VIC

"Being an eSmart School has made a significant impact on our school culture. Students as young as Year 1 are developing a shared understanding around things like what it means to be a good digital citizen and what cyber bullying looks like.

"We are confident that our students will have the skills to navigate their online world safely and cope with any challenges they come across."
– Candice Shier, ICT Coordinator, Frederick Irwin Anglican School, WA

"As a proud eSmart Member school, our eSafety model places students at the centre of cyber safety education, ensuring a holistic approach to student achievement, engagement and wellbeing. We empower our student eLeaders to take ownership of their learning by being co-researchers and co-designers of our eSafety program."
– Sally Hill, eLearning Coach, Point Cook P-9 College, VIC

"eSmart is guided by strong, lived values; its heart is wellbeing. If all members of a school’s community form strong, inclusive, respectful relationships, problematic behaviour on and offline will be greatly reduced."
– Sandra Craig, eSmart Schools Researcher and Developer

“The best advice we can give any school embarking on the eSmart journey is to have regular contact with your dedicated eSmart Advisor.” – Natalie Crombie, eSmart Coordinator St Columba’s School, Elwood, VIC


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