Celebrating cyber safety and digital inclusion - 5 to 9 September 2016

National eSmart Week

A week celebrating cyber safety and digital inclusion in our communities

Congratulations to our eSmart community!

National eSmart Week 2016 has been an amazing success with more than double the number of schools, libraries and community organisations taking part in the initiative.

Communities from across the country celebrated cyber safety during the week (September 5 – 9), participating in activities and holding events, sharing their efforts across various forms of social media.

We held a competition for schools to send in their best cyber safety resource for a chance to win eSmart Digital licences for their school.

We’ll announce the winning entries here soon and in the next eSmart Schools and eSmart Libraries newsletters.

For more information on eSmart Schools, eSmart Libraries and the eSmart Digital Licence please have a browse of the site or contact our eSmart team.

National eSmart Week is an initiative developed by the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, in partnership with the Telstra Foundation.

Cybersafety Resources


Welcome to National eSmart Week 2016

Each day this week we will be promoting the latest cyber safety resources to you for sharing with your work group and at home.  Some are written particularly for schools or libraries but in each the central message is to encourage everyone to be smart, safe and responsible when using digital technology.

In this digital age, information sheets continue to be a popular way to engage with the community.  Select and download these fun tipsheets from the range of resources offered by Telstra.


Keeping up with the multitude of social media apps now available can be taxing.  For quick guidance on 59 of the most popular apps take a look at the supportive information provided by the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner.

Don’t forget to upload your evidence submissions through your System Tool this week and get one step closer to becoming eSmart accredited.

Have fun completing a 10-question cyber safety quiz created by City of Karratha Libraries WA. 


Congratulations to these schools and libraries who have just become eSmart accredited:

  • Montrose Primary School, VIC on 5 September
  • Wimmera Regional Library Corporation VIC on 1 September
You can get one step closer to becoming eSmart this week by submitting your evidence to us via the secure eSmart website.

This year’s competition is to design an original cyber resource for your community.  Be creative in planning your masterpiece. Ideas include a poster, rhyme, bookmark or even a short video. 
Send it to us by Friday 16 September to win eSmart Digital Licence’s: esmart@amf.org.au
These days numerous websites feature cybersafety information. We have compiled a list of some of the best cyber safety agency sites in Australia for you to use as a training resource. 

Click the logos below to view the list.

Each week email one link to your staff team with and encourage them to take 10 minutes to read.  Then discuss various cyber safety topics during the next staff meeting.


The eSmart Digital Licence is an interactive cyber safety quiz to teach young people how to be safe and have fun online.  Since its launch last year over 200,000 students have registered and many library organisations have adopted it for staff training as well as community workshops.

In celebration of eSmart Week we are offering the eSmart Digital Licence at a discounted price of $15 per student licence which is available to all schools and libraries!

Register today on the site below using promo code esmartweek at checkout or contact one of the Digital Licence team for more information today.

You are able to redeem this eSmart Week special offer until end of day Thursday 15th September.

Contact: sales@digitallicence.com.au

It has been fabulous to receive outlines of activities happening this week and images in schools and libraries joining in around the country. Take a look at a few sent in:

The student community identifying eSmart at Frederick Irwin Anglican College, WA

Ipswich library staff in purple to celebrate eSmart at the cyber safety event yesterday in Queensland.

The resources today are particularly for the younger community.  City of Mount Gambier Libraries SA creatively incorporated cyber safety tips into colouring sheets featuring superhero’s.

Combine cyber safety with cookery and follow these recipes to start the conversation about being safe online.  These have been designed by Netsmartz.


Thank you for taking part in National eSmart Week 2016. Numerous engaging activities and events have taken place each day and at each one positive online behaviour is being identified and embedded into communities throughout Australia. 

The City of Karratha Libraries, WA recently become an eSmart Library and held their accreditation event this week.  Fun activities ran in every library and the community joined together to celebrate online safety with Cyber Safety Sam.

We hope you have enjoyed the resources and webinars offered throughout the week.

The eSmart message of being ‘smart, safe and responsible online’ is drawn into the resources on offer today.

These short videos feature experiences by local young people of their online safety and wellbeing and have been developed by the Youth Advisory Committee at the City of Port Phillip, VIC.

Watch Cyberbullying

Watch Video Game Addict

Watch Online Reputation

We hope you have enjoyed the week.  We would love to hear from you and invite your feedback regarding any part of the week-long event.

Speak to the eSmart team regarding your eSmart journey or to register for any of the eSmart initiatives: eSmart Schools, eSmart Libraries, eSmart Digital Licence.

Please contact us via telephone: 1300 592 151 or email:  eSmart@amf.org.au

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