Fact Checker posters help students to identify COVID-19 related misinformation

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Four new Fact Checker posters tackling COVID-19 vaccine misinformation have been translated in 10 languages as part of the eSmart Media Literacy Lab (MLL) suite of tools and resources.

The posters are designed to help students aged 12-16 identify and respectfully challenge misinformation shared in their families and school communities.

Professionally translated, the 10 languages include Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Bengali, Vietnamese, Hindi, Malay, Indonesian, Filipino and Korean.

The Foundation’s Manager, Program Design, Innovation & Advocacy Projects, Katie Costello, said SBS was engaged for these translations because it worked with CALD communities to ensure culturally appropriate language and colloquialisms were used.

“Originally written in Plain English by MLL Advisory Group member, co-author of Kid Reporter and journalist Saffron Howden, and incorporating striking MLL character illustrations, the content is inspired by research on vaccine misinformation themes by the Foundation’s media literacy partner, First Draft: 'Under the Surface',” Katie said.

CEO Sarah Davies said it’s important to share these youth-focused resources to help keep all children and young people safe in these challenging times.

“These posters also help raise awareness of reliable and official COVID-19 vaccine public health advice and information across our CALD school communities.”

Download posters here

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