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With schools working in both online and physical environments at present it is important for staff, students and parents to still have access to valuable resources that help to address cyber bullying and increase online safety. 

More than ever staff need to disseminate information to students on site and virtually, ensuring they have the tools to conduct themselves safely online while avoiding the pitfalls of social media use.  In turn, parents need to have access to relevant information that allows them to take a vested interest in the wellbeing of their children as they navigate the online world.

By registering for eSmart Schools, your school can have access to more than 200 reputable and evidence-based resources that not only ensure your school is proactively addressing cyber bullying and online safety from a system approach but is also educating students, teachers and parents to have conversations that support navigating the online world safely.    

eSmart Schools offers an evidence-based framework utilising the whole school community to reduce incidences of bullying and cyber bullying and build stronger, supportive and connected school communities.  eSmart is mapped to the Australian Curriculum and builds on the work your school has already implemented to educate the whole school community in online safety and digital literacy.

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