eSmart professional development sessions in Term 3

eSmart is continuing its FREE eSmart Professional Development webinars for teachers and parents in Term 3. For Membership schools the following webinars will assist you in maintaining a supportive and connected school environment that helps reduce online and offline bullying. 

An overview of the eSmart suite of programs

The eSmart programs complement each other in a whole-school community approach that encourages the smart, safe and responsible use of technology. Learn how eSmart Digital Licence, eSmart Connect workshops and eSmart Media Literacy Lab support your school’s journey through the eSmart Framework and understand how, together, they help to increase pro-social behaviours and reduce online and offline bullying.

Introduction to eSmart Membership 

An introduction to eSmart Membership, the next steps after gaining eSmart status. Learn how Membership helps support your school in maintaining an eSmart focus across your school community. It's ideal for eSmart Coordinators and eSmart Committees to explore the benefits of eSmart Membership.

Aligning eSmart with the Australian student wellbeing framework

By implementing the eSmart Framework your school is supporting the wellbeing of your students. This webinar shows how you can address these two important aspects of student support by working 'smarter not harder'.

Playing IT Safe: Online safety through play(for junior primary educators)

This session explores how to teach young students about networked technology and the online world as an important part of understanding online safety and building digital literacy. Our Playing IT Safe resource does this by offering a range of play-driven experiences. It helps children learn about topics and practices like passwords, consent and help-seeking.

Lunchbox drop-in: countering information disorder (for secondary educators)

This session will help teachers understand the concept/definition of disinformation and online hate speech. It will provide a clear understanding of each, allowing it to be better taught in classrooms.

The session will involve interactive activities to find out how teachers currently address the issues of disinformation and online hate speech and how they might go forward to address these issues. All information gained during this workshop will be used to further develop better frameworks for schools and teachers around Australia.

Parent webinars

eSmart is offering a range of webinars for parents on navigating the digital world and how to remain safe and responsible online. You are invited to register your school for these webinars. Once you have registered your school, you will be provided with webinar links to share with your parent community.  Some of the topics include:

Understanding the digital home

In this presentation, we take you inside other families’ homes to see just how much time children are spending on screens and how parents are successfully or unsuccessfully managing the raising of children in our digitally saturated world. See a range of differing practices and learn how technology can both help and hinder our relationships, health and wellbeing, sense of community and our learning. A great session for parents looking for validation, or new ideas about how best to support their children's technology use.

Parenting in the digital world

A special online presentation of 'Parenting in the Digital World' hosted by our eSmart educational expert. Empower your teen and family with skills and strategies to navigate negativity and promote positivity both online and offline.

Playing IT Safe: Online Safety through play

As parents, we want to explore ways to support our young children learn and use networked technology in the online world in safe and appropriate ways. This webinar introduces the Playing IT Safe resources that helps parents and children explore online safety tips like passwords, image sharing and help seeking through play. 

Many of these webinars will be repeated throughout the term. To find a session at a convenient time for you, simply log in to the eSmart Portal and find the dates and times of each session under the Training Tab.

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